You Want To Adopt: What Adoption Agency Should You Choose?

24 May 2022
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If you want to adopt a child, then you need to start with an adoption agency. Even if the child in question is a family member or someone you already know via a friend or other source, an adoption agency helps with the financial and legal responsibilities that come with making an adoption complete.

When you don't have a child in mind to adopt or you want to adopt a foster, then an adoption agency becomes all the more important. These agencies help match potential adopting parents with the children who need new homes and help make the transition easier for everyone.

Adopting a child is not an easy process, whether you are adopting a child you already know and love or you're looking for a new child to call your own. Choosing the right adoption agency will make things much easier for everyone. Here's how to choose the right adoption agency for your needs.

Proximity to your location

Working with a local adoption agency may be best because it's easier to keep communication open and your local adoption agency will likely understand your local laws regarding adoption laws best. Plus, you may be more likely to find foster children and children for adoption who are relatively local as well if you keep your adoption agency options close to home.

Adoption success rates

Since the goal of an adoption agency is to have children adopted successfully through them, you want to choose an agency that has a high success rate for adoptions. If an agency has few or a low record of adoptions, ask why. It could be that they specialize mostly in step-parent adoptions that are contested by biological parents, which can interfere with success rates. Or, they may be an agency that does more fostering than adoptions.


Adopting a child can be expensive. You want to choose an adoption agency that can work with your budget or give you a payment plan you can work with so you can make your dreams of an adoption a reality. The average adoption costs $20,000 or more depending on several factors, including what state the adoption takes place in. If an adoption agency has a set price they charge for their services, have them break down the costs and what services you get for your adoption needs to help make the costs more beneficial to you. The right adoption agency can help make your dreams of having a bigger family a reality.

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