Socialize Your Child And Help Him Prepare For The Transition Into A Primary School

12 August 2019
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If your son is an only child, socialization may be a concern, and you may be curious as to how limited time with peers could affect your loved one's performance when he starts kindergarten. Enroll your child in a pre-kindergarten class to assist with getting him ready to transition into primary school.

Learn What Is Offered

Preschools offer varying course programs and scheduling. If you have heard about a school that has positive reviews or if you know another parent who has a child who attends a pre-kindergarten program, call the director of the school to request a tour and overview of the program. It is favorable to schedule the meeting during normal business hours so that you can observe other children who are attending the school and witness some of the activities that they participate in.

During your meeting, discuss the daily schedule, whether naps are mandated, dietary guidelines that are followed, and the educational and socialization aspects of the program. Will your child be placed in a group setting that includes quite a few children and a couple of teachers or will he be guided through a smaller setting that only includes a few kids and one teacher?

Introduce Your Child

All of the details pertaining to the daily schedule are important so that you can decide if you are comfortable with the procedures and classroom setting. If you are pleased with what you hear and you are willing to give the program a chance, ask if it would be alright for you to bring your son to the school so that he can meet his teacher/teachers and become acquainted with the children.

Even a brief meeting that involves walking through the school and on the grounds may help your child feel more comfortable about the transition. This will make it easier on you and your son when it is time to drop him off for his first day of school. 

Stay Involved

Have realistic expectations about your son's performance and don't expect him to readily adapt to the new routine. It will take time for your child to learn the basics that are taught, and he may have trouble communicating with others, at first.

Stay involved by discussing your child's progress with his teacher and by attending parent-teacher conferences when they are offered. The information that you acquire will help you determine how you can assist your child with any skills, while you and he are spending time at home.