3 Simple Prep Steps For Indoor Play Space Fun

19 May 2017
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Whether you're looking for an indoor play space to spend a fun-filled day or you're booking a kids birthday party, these activity centers provide plenty of opportunities for your child to get active, get creative, develop gross motor skills and even learn. Prepping your child for her day of play can help to make the experience even better. This doesn't mean you have to spend an entire day discussing the play space and getting your child ready. Who has time for that? Check out these simple prep steps that can help to make the most your child's indoor play space adventure.

Discuss the Rules

Before talking to your child about the space's rules, you need to get them. Don't assume that you know what these are. Call ahead and ask.

Younger children may find remembering a lengthy list of rules a challenge. Instead of throwing too much at your child at one time, make the information more manageable. Group rules into categories, use simple words or even try using pictures. Ask your child to repeat the rules back to you or have her draw you a picture that shows each one.

Talk to the Parents

If you're bringing other children along or are having a birthday party at the play space, you'll need to speak with the other parents beforehand. Obviously you're giving them drop-off and pick-up details. But, you may need to go more in-depth. Make sure that they know the rules and provide the parents with any permission forms/waivers that the space may require.

Comfortable Clothing

It's your child's big birthday party. And, she wants to look like a star. So she decided on her favorite dress and a cute pair of fancy shoes. Even though your child is set on wearing her party dress, this might not be the right outfit for the activity. Pick out something comfortable that allows your child to move easily, such as leggings and a t-shirt. If there are messy activities (such as painting or other arts and crafts) going on, make sure that your child is dressed accordingly. Keep in mind, if your child spills paint on her favorite shirt, she may go from party perfect to pouty.

An indoor play space is an awesome place to hold your child's birthday party or just get active for the day. Before heading out the door, check the rules, talk to other parents who are involved and make sure your little one is dressed for the activities at hand. With these simple prep steps you can make the play day easier for you and more fun for your child. For more information, contact a company like We Orbit.